Poached Salmon Kale Salad

Poached Salmon Kale Salad

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Tender Baby Kale with Golden Raisins, Pickled Carrots, Sunflower Seeds, Crunchy Celery and Tahini Almond Dressing with Poached Salmon.

Gluten Free - Paleo Friendly

Calories 550
Protein 29 g
Carbs 30 g
Fiber 5 g
Fat 37 g
Sugars 19 g

Ingredients: Salmon, Baby Kale, Golden Raisins, Celery, Olive Oil, Lemon Juice, Sunflower Seeds, Dates Medjool, Carrots, Almond Butter, Tahini, Apple Cider Vinegar, Salt, Red Onions, Garlic Fresh, Maple Syrup, Parsley, Salt Pink, Black Pepper, Lemon zest, Turmeric, Chili Flakes, Fennel Seed, Mustard Seed Whole, Coriander Whole