How much does it cost?

Currently, we have a 1 week recurring subscription with two options Priced at $55 for 4 meals a week and $92 for 8 meals a week (plus Tax and Delivery)

What is the deadline for ordering?

The deadline for ordering is Wednesday by 11:59pm for delivery the following Monday. We ask that all orders are in by this time to give us ample time to source ingredients from our farmers and purveyors.

What happens if my order is not in by Wednesday at 11:59 pm for Monday delivery?

We will send an auto reminder Monday morning for you to choose your menu for delivery. If you have already chosen your menus in advance, Great! Good thinking. If not, please do so. If you still forget, you will receive the same order as the previous week or chefs choice if there is any menu change, but please contact us via live chat or email.

Can I skip a week on my recurring orders?

Yes, All you have to do is create an account with the same email you used to purchase your meal plan. Then you can manage your account from our convenient Manage Account button at the top of every page. Once in your account just go to Manage. Click Upcoming orders and then Click Pause order and pause whichever weeks you would like. You need to purchase the first week before you can skip others.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Easy. Click our convenient Manage Account button at the top of every page. If you have not created an account you must do so before you can cancel your subscription. Then click Cancel Order. We understand that sometimes our customers want to change things up. We will be here if you change your mind. Know that accounts need to be paused or canceled by Wednesday 11:59 pm or the following Monday delivery will be made. 

You said you send reminders, but I have not seen any of them?

Please check your spam or promotions section of your emails. Sometimes our emails are filed to those sections depending on your filters.

Do I keep or return the cooler bags and ice packs?

We ask that you return the cooler bags and ice packs weekly. Please leave them out for pick-up with your next delivery. If we do not receive the coolers bags and ice packs back we will charge a $10 fee per bag and 2 ice packs. Don't worry though we will make attempts to get in contact with you before we charge for them.

What areas do you deliver to?

We have a large expanding delivery area please consult our map for a more accurate delivery area.

When do you deliver?

All Deliveries are made on Monday morning by 8am. We also deliver to businesses within our delivery area between 9am and 1pm on Mondays. Please specify in the Delivery Instructions Section if it is a residence or business. If the time changes for any unforeseen circumstances we will contact you to let you know when the delivery will be made.

Do I have to be home for delivery?

No, you do not. We deliver early in the am and realize many of our customers are asleep at that time anyways. We do ask that you leave us detailed instructions on how to deliver to your home if we cannot just walk up and leave it at your door. All meals are packed in a cooler bag with ice packs so they stay cool until refrigerated. Please refrigerate upon receiving.

What happens if the order doesn’t arrive by 8 am?

We do our best to make sure that does not happen, but unfortunately these things happen at times. We will notify you if this is the case and do our best to rectify the issue.

Can you accommodate vegetarian, vegan or other current diets?

Yes, our meals fit within most of the current diets. We even have Low-Carb options. 

What size portions are your meals?

Our meals usually run 12 - 14 oz. portions. 4 oz of protein, 4 oz of carbs and 4 oz of vegetables. Don't be discouraged by the size of the plates in the photos all portions are larger in real life. The photos are just how we are presenting the plates online. Our attempt at high fashion photos. You can view all the nutrition facts in the details section of every dish.

Can you accommodate food allergies?

At this time we list all of the ingredients we use in every dish so that our customers can decide if the dish fits their needs. 
Know that these following allergens are in many foods we cook:

  • Nightshades
  • Garlic and Onions
  • Tomato
  • Fermented foods
  • Coconut

Be aware all of our foods are processed in a facility that also uses tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, shellfish and wheat.

I already ordered. Can I add to or change my order? 

Yes, feel free to log into your account and make any changes you need to. Know that no changes can be made for the Monday delivery if they are not made before the Wednesday 11:59pm deadline. 

Can I change my delivery address?

Sure! Just log into your account and change the address in your user profile.

Why is Gourmet Prime subscription-based only?

At this time having a subscription-based delivery system allows us to get competitive rates with our purveyors by knowing how many meals we are making each week. This savings we pass onto our customers with great pricing for quality meals. 

Can I place a subscription for two or more people on one account?

Unfortunately, at this time we can not do that.

Is there a minimum order?

At this time there is only a 1 week commitment. If you choose not to continue with us after the first week feel free to log in to your account and click Cancel Order.

Are meals fully cooked?

Yes, All meals are fully cooked and can be reheated in the microwave in under 4 minutes. You could also heat them in the oven, but first they need to be taken out of the plastic container as it is not oven safe. Please heat all meals to an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

I don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry! If you are at all unsure of how the process starts feel free to live chat or email and we will answer any questions you might have or we can assist you in the process if needed. 

How are meals packaged?

The meals are packaged in microwaveable and recyclable containers. Just heat per instructions and enjoy. We ask that you recycle the containers after use.

How do you address waste management?

At this time all of our containers are made of recyclable material. We are constantly working on ways to reduce our carbon footprint as Sustainability is one of our core values.

Do you use all organic ingredients?

Our produce is local and/or organic depending on availability. We strive to use the best ingredients and support local farmers. 

How long do your meals stay fresh?

We recommend eating all meals within 4-5 days. Fish entrees within 2-3 days, Salads within 3-4 days and Beef, Chicken and vegetarian/vegan entrees within 4-5 days. We include a Day Dot on all meals to tell you when to eat the meal by.

You offered me a refund, but I have not seen it yet?

Yes, we will offer refunds from time to time. You should see your refund in 10-14 days or maybe sooner.

Have more questions or comments?

If there are any questions we have not answered feel free to email us HERE. We are always looking for ways to improve our business and customer relations.